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Bring Your Own Vinyl Night

Every Monday night is Bring Your Own Vinyl night in the Hi-Fi taproom.

Maybe you’ve got some records at home but nothing to play them on. Or maybe you have something you love that you want to share with others. Maybe you just want to hear what your wax would sound like through our awesome vintage Sansui receiver and Klipsch speakers. Or maybe you just want to listen to what other people brought in.


Whatever the case, join us on Monday nights!

How does it work? Pretty simple, really. You bring your vinyl, we’ll put it on the turntable for you, and you sit back and enjoy your beer while we all enjoy your music. If there’s a track or two you recommend, we’ll play those. Depending on how many other records have been brought in, we might just let the whole thing play. There’s no rules about genre or era – bring whatever you like. But we do reserve the right to veto any selection.

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HiFi Brewing on Bing Maps