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The Crew

John CarothersJohn Carothers – President
John has been brewing beer and cider at home for more than 20 years.  Following a first career in aerospace systems development and a second career in consumer software and electronics, he has decided that his third career needs to offer a real challenge–building a better beer. He is a Recognized judge in the Beer Judge Certification Program (BJCP). When he’s not brewing, you’ll find him out in the woods, relaxing in his RV and enjoying scrimshaw, whittling and a local craft beer.

Cathy CarothersCathy Carothers – Community and Legal Affairs
Cathy shares John’s enthusiasm for great craft beer. After an early career in software development and subsequently raising two daughters, Cathy works as a paralegal, putting her talents to good use both at the brewery and at her day job with a Seattle law firm. In her spare time, Cathy is an avid and talented quilter. You’ll often find her prowling quilt shows and she makes sure that John pulls the RV over at every quilt shop along their route.

Joe RovitoJoe Rovito – Brewery Operations
An avid homebrewer since 1992, and a BJCP Recognized judge since 2003, Joe has been sampling remarkable beers or creating custom brewing equipment much of his adult life. In 2010, he built a 20-gallon, 23.5 kilowatt electric brewery in his garage. If you live in Snoqualmie and see the lights dim, Joe’s probably brewing.

When not brewing, Joe is an embedded microcontroller design expert specializing in new product design, development, and testing for a Redmond technology firm.

Ryan McGeeRyan McGee – Sales and Marketing
Obsessive about home brewing since 2006, Ryan has completed the Siebel Institute’s concise course in brewing technology and is a BJCP Certified judge.

Ryan is a veteran marketer and product planner with expertise in security software and cloud services, which come in handy at the local technology company where he works.


HiFi Brewing on Bing Maps